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In Guatemala he found a fertile field for his investigations. The Archbishop also entrusted him with the administration of the parish of Rabinal, where the French traveler learned the. Speaking of his stay in Rabinal, Brasseur de Bourbourg says:. Juan Gavarrete, one of the notaries of the ecclesiastical court" gave to him.

On a second voyage to Guatemala, Brasseur de Bourbourg traveled through other parts of the country and added new and important acquisitions to his collection of historical documents, the richest and most valuable which had been assembled in the country by a single individual up to that time. In the foreword, the author says that in he saw in the library of the University of Guatemala two copies of the Historia de la Provincia de Predicadores de San Vicente de Chiapa y Guatemala and that this work, which had remained.

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Both copies were incomplete when we saw them in , and only three volumes existed which did not even agree among themselves. From there, we copied it for the first time, adding the original.

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The text published by him was copied, as has already been explained, from the manuscript of the Historias del origen de los Indios , which is bound together in the same volume with the Arte de las tres lenguas. Scherzer examined this volume in the University library, and in the foreword to the Vienna edition gives a thorough description of the documents which it contains. The same manuscript appeared a. It is a little difficult to understand how, between and , this manuscript could pass from the shelves of the University library of Guatemala City into the hands of the noble Indian of Rabinal, and subsequently to those of Brasseur de Bourbourg.

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This proves that the volumes of the Arte and of the Historias de los Indios were still in the library of the University in Probably the traveling investigator obtained them there with the same ease with which the other manuscripts of his celebrated collection of Americana came into his hands. After Brasseur de Bourbourg's death his collection of manuscripts. The largest part was acquired by Alphonse Pinart.

Daniel G. Bancroft bought another part of the collection which is now in the library of manuscripts which bears his name at the University of California in Berkeley. Another part was acquired by Count H. The German translator of the Popol Vuh , Noah Elieser Pohorilles, says that Otto Stoll had told him that at various times Pinart had offered him "the original manuscript of the Popol Vuh" for the sum of ten thousand francs.

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This manuscript, as was said above, was acquired by Edward E. The Spanish chose this high ground for a settlement in , and it has been continuously occupied ever since. This is a unique time to see history come to life right before your eyes! Don't miss out!

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The Visitor Center faces Aviles Street at the back of the courtyard. Start here with a video preview that recreates the experience of St. Augustine tourists in the s and sets the scene for your guided tour of the House.

Also on view is a display of artifacts found on the grounds, including the 17th century rare and exquisite Caravaca Cross excavated in Sterling silver and gold replicas of the Caravaca Cross, as well as books, postcards, unique gifts, and souvenirs are available in the adjacent gift shop. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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Augustine, FL The Museum will be closed for a special event on Thursday, May 3rd. Welcome to the Ximenez-Fatio House Every room has a story. Come and hear them all.

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