Vertigo: Spurs, Bale and One Fans Fear of Success

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Spurs have edged the others play wise so I'm not confident! Come on you reds! Seven on the trot. Son to score winner.

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A bit more dirt to rub in Arsenal's brilliant season. Ha Ha. Liverpool with nothing again. Oh dear. I hope Harry Kane scores a winner in injury time! I am sure the Man City manager Pep Guardiola would be embarrassed that you use his name and comment such derogatory rubbish on this page. I take it u are a MCFC follower not supporter by the looks of it. MCFC are not in the Final, you had a brilliant season and now its over, move on, other teams still have cups to play for. Move aside little man. Not good enough for a full league season for many many years, which is a shame to see this once great club go downhill.

I'm not from Liverpool but it's a great city with a great club. Liverpool have made it to a 2nd consecutive UCL final, a feat that should be applauded. Good luck to your team on Saturday that probably isn't in a champions league final. Another thread infested by mancs Never mind ay arrrr kid Maybe you pale blue mancs should ask your big Ugly sister what a European Cup final is like? London Capital of football. Chelsea and Spurs to win the cup! We want 7, we want Why would anyone moan about articles on Liverpool?

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It's not like the only club game left this season involves them. I suppose it's the same moaners who read all the HYSs then complain. A good article, relevant to the big game and gives some hope to Spurs fans. Now smile and enjoy rather than be grumpy and moan.. Liverpool fans just excrete success from every pore. Klopp has done ok but is he as much of a winner as we are? I think you need o move onto other sad teams and away from LFC. Klopp has said this is his best team going to a final, and probably not even his best team - ideally!

To even keep ending in a major final after all the previous disappointments and having punched well above his weight in both sporting and financial terms is in itself already the rarest trait of a true winner! Winner never quits Will be 7 in a row tomorrow night. The truth clearly hurts Liverpool fans.

A lot of sad, bitter little individuals on this chat. I am a Liverpool fan and I am just hoping for an entertaining game and maybe seeing Hendo lifting the cup. If Liverpool don't win I will still be proud of the team for getting to another final and looking forward to Klopp continuing to improve the team next season. As for all the bitters, cry me a river.

Posted by SBandy on 30 May A lot of sad, bitter little individuals on this chat. Its not bitterness, many people just dislike everything about LFC, its not even a Scouser thing, the blues are fine.

Vertigo Spurs Bale and One Fan's Fear of Success by John Crace for sale online | eBay

His misfortune is about to change.. Liverpool will choke and Klopp will make it number 7.

Klopp, what a loser. Trolls just never learn. They claim Liverpool are not popular with neutrals for CL Final.

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It's easily disproved. They claimed All the neutrals wanted city to win the league. Unfortunately polls on BBC, SKY, and in various newspapers, unanimously stated without doubt that the majority of neutrals wanted Liverpool to win. Trolls ignore the facts and claim their deluded opinion is the truth. Any manager that loses 6 finals in a row is there to be laughed at. On Sunday they will be laughing even more at being 7 in a row as Klopp is a serial loser. Klopp the flop Good luck to both teams on Saturday Hope the Redmen make it no 6!!

Six in a row, he would fit right in at Tottenham.

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Sarri has won more in England than these two jokers. Just saying. Blueisthecolour inferiority complex is the game. Remember when you were 10 clear in January? Fancy Spurs this weekend. There are an awful lot more neutrals against them. I like Klopp on occasion but he is a terrible loser. Look at all those quotes after losses not one word about the opposition which to me says a lot about his character , As for Liverpool winning nah sorry I'm afraid I could not bear the thought of it. If LFC lose the final I'd give up football for good. I don't support either team and before the ajax-spurs second leg I kind of wanted ajax to get through because finals between different countries teams seem more interesting and wanted to see these young ajax players all are raving about.

But spurs did so amazily well I kinda hope they win it now,though saying that Liverpool deserve it too:.

Vertigo: Spurs, Bale and One Fan's Fear of Success

Ah well just hope its a cracking game for us all to watch. He is a Scouser now Everybody loves Lucky 7?? Why even now is there not a general admission about how influential the injury to Loris Karius was in the Final last year and from a bad foul on him? I've got a Liverpool FC scarf from Christmas Every time I watch a match in the pub with it, we lose. Wore it in a Paris bar the night we lost to Barcelona, not the following week.

Thought about burning it. I'll wear it Saturday because the luck has to change. Against City the league cup a penalty shoot out which is like a toss of a coin. No it isn't. Funny how City keep winning penalty shoot outs,. Might have something to do with decent players with bottle and technique to take penalties under pressure. I expect Kopp's wife really loves him, after all not many husbands can come second all the time.

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  7. COYS finish the job and save the rest of the football world from the never ending taunts that we will hear if by some miracle liverpool win. Posted by Liverpool Champions Elect COYS finish the job and save the rest of the football world from the never ending taunts that we will hear if by some miracle liverpool win. Klopp has done great to even get to 7 cup finals.

    He can motivate players, coach players into better ones, improve the team with transfers, build a good team spirit and get a team playing attractive attacking football. I don't think Solskjaer will get to 7 finals in his entire managerial career. Easy to assume the worst about that record but the odds have been largely stacked against him in the defeats and his chances of success are more favourable this time but Tottenham should be giving it everything now they have a chance of hitting the jackpot it could be a very close contest.

    Who cares what Liverpool have spent. All the big clubs around Europe spend big. As fans we expect it. Watch how much man utd, Barcelona, Madrid spend this summer. I wish my team could! I hope Liverpool win, no reason for that other than I think along with city they have been one of the most watchable teams in Europe.