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There stood Lamb with a new ewe staring intently at the drama unfolding below. Was it possible that Lamb had been adopted by another ewe?

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It certainly seemed so. Wiping a bandana over the binocular lenses, I began to gaze at Mama. She still had not taken even one step. Slowly her head dropped to drink. Water poured from her lips, too weak to close.

Last Rites (DC Laura McGanity, #3) by Neil White

The drainage resumed. Coyote had found another vantage point, a short distance away.

He was very content with his situation. My hand reached down and "ripped my revolver.

Dispatching sick and wounded animals fell within my duties. Someone must stop Mama's suffering. I must intercede and stop this NO, this is a wilderness, and I am a mere guest.

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The screeching of the cicadas and the three-digit heat took my thoughts was away Then Mama turned and looked right at Coyote. Coyote blinked nervously and dropped his head.

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Mama looked at me with a tranquil gaze of acceptance. Coyote would wait. I never saw Mama Ewe again, but I'm certain a weak immune system, sinusitis, and probably a para-influenza claimed another peninsular bighorn. With luck Mama did not pass it on to Lamb.

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Even though I'd patrolled Coyote Canyon full time and had made a commitment to travel the entire canyon weekly, it wasn't until the annual sheep count that I'd become aware of the bighorn's plight. Without the annual three-day monitoring of known bighorn watering holes, I'd probably have missed Mama's scenario.

The Merciless IV: Last Rites

It was the tenth sheep count of my life, the umpteenth for Mark Jorgensen. For the first time I felt I knew the reason for his lifetime endeavor to save the bighorn. Now a resource ecologist, Mark has worked with bighorn since his teens. He has armed himself with tactics found to be successful with other bighorn populations.

One of them will not survive the encounter, and the rest will be sorely tested in this strange new world of physical depravity and spiritual death. When innocence and corruption meet, the outcome is never what anyone expects.


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