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Adventures Under the Laughing Moon--New Edition by Laughing Moon — Kickstarter

With the help of his spider friend Charlotte his fate is decided. In her new home, she has lots of siblings, one of which she absolutely hates. She learns to speak English at the age of six and is very smart. When the siblings that she hates comes of age to marry, she is devastated to hear that she might have to marry her repulsive brother.

She is crushed with the bad news, when a gang of pirates comes and lets her escape if she teaches them English. She now sails the seas with her new family. Reviewed by Emily. In "Flying Lessons and Other Stories," the first story is about a young boy who dreams of being a basketball star takes on his dream and signs up to play with older kids. He things that it will be a piece of cake to join this advanced league, but he has to work through many challenges to overcome the difficult obstacles other players throw at him. In the end, he succeeds in the league and impresses all the people that ever doubted him.

I read a book called Sugar, which was written by Jewel Parker Rhodes. This book is about an African American girl who lives on a sugar plantation along the Mississippi River. Sugar's mother died when she was very young and Sugar doesn't remember her father, who left then when she was very young. Working on the plantation is hard work, but Sugar manages to work hard and have fun.

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The only problem with having fun is that the person she likes to play with is the owner's white son, who has been forbidden from seeing her. Aside from Sugar's forbidden friendship, she is making friends with the Chinese man who just moved to the plantation. I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to other kids. I read a book called Stella by Starlight, which was written by Sharon M. Stella and her family were threatened by the Ku Klux Klan after her father went to vote. Shortly thereafter, another family in the village had their house burned down by the Ku Klux Klan.

The book is about a family of treasure hunters that witness a robbery and have to try to get the paintings back that were stolen from the museum. There are four kids in the book their names are storm, Beck, Bick, and Tommy, they have parents that they almost lost in the first book in the series. I rate this book 9 out of This book is about four kids that thought their dad died on a boat in a storm when he was swept out to sea but they found out that their dad is still alive.

Now the kids are trying to get a very expensive vase to trade with people that have their mother captive. There are four kids in the book their names are are Storm, Bick, Beck, and Tommy.

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I rate this book 8 out of 10 stars. Reviewed by Will. That is the sound of George Brown in sress city. Well, on the first hand George is going with Louie, his worst enemy, but I guess he'll have to get used to it. But part of his wish didn't happeb, his burp did get him into a lot of trouble but his camp teacher would tell them ridiculous stories.

Well Louie however is afraid of all sorts of bugs.


But Louie mostly to earn the badge that his older brother Sam didn't get. Well that is all I can tell you about this book! Reviewed by Grayson. Once upon a time there were two little first graders, their names were George and Harold. When they met they found out they had a lot in common.


They loved making funny comic books and they also loved to do pranks. And one of their favorite comics when they were little was Dog Man. As time went by they were making billions of of the Dog Man comics.

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  8. But when they hit 4th grade they got a new idea, he was called Captain Underpants. So they spent days in their tree house making cool comics until one day after an adventurous week they went to their tree house and the weirdest thing happened. Almost all of their comics were gone except for Dog Man. Then they found out they wanted to have a little change and that's why I have chosen to tell you Ever since Pete exploded Dog Man's owner he's been fighting crime unleashing his awesomeness.

    He has defeated Pete before but the first chapter of the book Pete was fighting with his butler over if they could use fire crackers or a ginormous vaccuum. In one point of the book their so-called mayor sent a towb criminal a seal spray so then a replacement robot could take over so Dog Man did at one point defeat them. This is my book review on Dog Man. Ever met someone who just doesn't have a girlfriend? Well this will be a good story!

    Well enough chit chat, it's story time. What's he going to do? Turbo Wedgie? We're going to find out but then Ruby comes around the corner and Randy sees, so he lets go of Nate then runs. But that wasn't all this book was about, the Mud Bowl was coming up and Randy's going to do with Nate. Wow, time flys when you're reading. Well, I can't tell you any more or I'll spoil the book. By for now! Learn more about the book by reading it!

    Mommy mommy can we please go to that ice cream shop? Have you ever had your kid go crazy about eating ice cream at the ice cream shop? If you have then this ought to be a good story so please pay attention while I flip the page. One day Teddy his mom were walking down the road when Mommy Mommy there is a new ice cream place in town can we please go please? Ok, Teddy. So they went in there it was his dream but there was one more thing he had to do here Oh, thank you sweety.

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    4. Blah blah blah, the end. Cap wants them to help dig for fossils. But in the same area there are some bad people wanted by the police. TYhey are constantly trying to get Frank and Joe away. But they don't leave, and Frank and Joe discover they are hunting for oil. In the end the bad people finally get caught and put in jail. Reviewed by Anonymous. They lived during a World War and were sent to live in the middle of the country, because their town was going to be bombed. Unexpectedly, they were sent to a huge house that had a magic wardrobe in it.

      One day they were playing hide and seek inside the house and the youngest of the four hid inside the wardrobe and found herself I recommend this book to any reader who likes exciting adventures.


      When I read this book I found it to be fun but short! Reviewed by John. The Bridge to Neverland is a high flying book that reels in the fantasy world and the real world. It tells the interesting story of to kids who happen to find an old document from their favorite series… and suddenly they're a part of it! This book is a great reason to believe things that might be too crazy.

      Reviewed by Riley. It is about Batman, Superman, and Super Girl as kids. And they went to a camp called Evergreen Adventure Camp.

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      But there was a problem that needed to be solved.