Tales of Tomorrow Girl: Retro Science Fiction Adventures of Mystery and Romance

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Lauren has just given birth to twin baby boys when she's awakened in the night, alone in the hospital, by singing. In the bay next to hers is a disheveled woman with a basket who wants to trade Lauren's babies for her own. Lauren locks herself in the bathroom with her own children and calls the police. But when the police send the hospital staff to Lauren, there's no one there and nothing on CCTV to show that anyone ever was there.

It's all attributed to Lauren's fragile mental state. This book is a blend of the currently popular domestic thriller and supernatural horror. It has just the right amount of creepiness and action and fans of either genre will enjoy it. Emily Duncan's Wicked Saints is dark, disquieting, and utterly unputdownable.

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Her ferocious girls and her doubtful princes and her devious gods are compelling and entirely believable, and her world of magic and blood and holy war will frighten and enchant readers, as any good fairy tale should. Wicked Saints by Emily A. The top reviews kept saying "Les Mis in space! If you like retellings and liked the Lunar Chronicles , you're going to love Sky without Stars! I certainly did. The characters are fleshed out in a way you don't get from the original.

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I found myself falling in love and rooting for Marcellus, Aloutte, and Chatine. They're all wonderfully flawed in their own way and I stayed up way too late reading this. I can't wait for the next part of the story. The book wrapped up some loose ends while opening new ones--the best way to keep you excited for more. Calling this a fairytale retelling does not do Gingerbread justice. Oyeyemi twists the story of Hansel and Gretel and the lore surrounding gingerbread in so many ways that you almost feel you have consumed the fabled treat yourself and are reawakening in the world of Druhastrana.

The heart of this story is the relationships, between family, friends, and one's idea of self. It's a crazy ride and oh so delicious. Through a great sacrifice, the women in this high fantasy epic novel have been given the unprecedented ability to control their own fertility. Suddenly these women who have been treated little better than brood mares now have the power to control their own bodies.

As you can guess, the men don't take it well. This is the epic high fantasy feminist story that you didn't know you were looking for What a fantastic new adventure! I love the world that Samantha Shannon has built and think this will have appeal to adult and young adult readers who enjoy epic fantasies! A tale as old as time with a modern, fresh spin! I loved everything from the smart, empowered characters to the spin on the beast and the curse to the supporting cast of characters--the only problem is a cliffhanger that leaves you on the edge of your seat!

Roshana Chokshi's The Gilded Wolves is a delightful adventure through history as six young people, each with their own demons, chase their dreams, only to find the fate of society in the balance. Besides delving into each character's unique post and how their struggles inform their tenuous hopes for the future, the story also explores the bitterness of letting one's dream, both acknowledged and unacknowledged, go unrealized.

Above all, Chokshi's cleverly built scavenger hunt encompassing history, math, science and magic makes it easy to fall in love with each word, as if were again our first time breathing.

If like me, you devoured The Cruel Prince , it's impossible to begin this new installment without a fair amount of trepidation--and Holly Black does not disappoint. In this novel, the faerie world expands significantly and Jude's brilliant scheming must face the test of time and several new players.

Jude remains an impressively fierce heroine, but she may have met her match I really don't know how I'll survive the wait for book three! The Winter of the Witch sees Vasya Petrovna come fully into her power in every dimension. Each volume in the Winternight Trilogy has been even more enthralling than the first, and this is a richly satisfying conclusion on so many levels, narratively, historically, romantically, and emotionally! It makes me want to start The Bear and the Nightingale all over again! Immensely original and unbelievably fun! The Disasters is a heart stopping space opera, where teen galactic outcasts are the stars.

Full of diversity, humor, and amazing worldbuilding, the action starts in the first chapter and only increases as Nax and his fellow space misfits run, hide and fight to uncover a vast conspiracy. One of the best debuts I've read of ! The Disasters by M. Say Jonathan Strange, Mr. Wonderful, readable, oddly moving and also First published in or wait, maybe that was ? Or maybe ? One of them. Unclay by T. I enjoyed the atmospheric writing, the depth and range of the characters, and the beautiful setting. The river is a major player in the story, and Setterfield describes it with great affection and respect.

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This book isn't exactly fantasy but it isn't exactly straight realism, either. The mixture worked for me. I also liked the pacing, much like a river This will be a great book for lovers of historical fiction willing to try something different. With its echoes of Mary Shelley and menacing creature in Frankenstein , Melmoth reads deliciously like an 18th-century Gothic novel.

Mysterious pages describe a legendary shrouded figure--Melmoth the Wanderer--who watches those who have sins and secrets to hide. Propulsive, eerie, heartrending, and hopeful, Sarah Perry's worthy successor to The Essex Serpent bring a chill of recognition to each of us who has acted badly and peered over our shoulder to see if someone was watching.

I stayed up until 2 a. Great characters, very absorbing and unique plot. A woman's quest to give her daughter the world. A phenomenal beginning to what should be a fantastic series! I loved all the details of this world. Kagawa sucks you in with her characters. Megan Shepherd has done it again with Grim Lovelies : a book so perfectly formed one can't imagine that it hasn't been around forever.

It's simply a classic. Anouk was enchanted from animal to human by a Witch who holds her captive as a household slave. She and the other "Beasties" will do anything to preserve their humanity. But there is SO much more!!

Anouk and her other Beastie friends discover that they have more power than they have been led to believe if they can only beat the clock and keep the spell safe forever. This is not a sufficient description for this book. Great diversity of characters! There are also Goblins!!!! Really cool Goblins!!! In a future Appalachia ruined by civil war and contagion, a woman ekes our her living by writing letters for the migrants who pass by her homestead. Both historians in their own right, but the Elf is sent unknowingly to spy on and destroy the Goblin Ruler while the Goblin acts as the host.

And neither is aware of what is about to happen. T Anderson has done it again!! The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge by M. This book was a pure delight from beginning to end. High class escorts, nouveau riche merchants, madams, backstabbings, broken hearts, mended hearts, parties, an angry mob, pining, memaids.

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What more could you ask from a historical novel taking place in the late 18th century? The characters are so well-rounded I found myself cringing for them in their embarassment and cheering for them in their triumph. The writing is so atmospheric it feels absolutely authentic. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed reading a book as much I enjoyed reading this one. The only way to describe this book is as an absolute romp.

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The Mermaid and Mrs. What a beautifully written debut novel. Part fairytale, part history, this novel follows three magical characters from disparate parts of the world that converge to fight for the creation of Liberia.