Spinward Fringe Broadcast 2: Awakening

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago A really good value for the money. It is huge in scope but easily followed. I really like it. Anonymous More than 1 year ago.

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Arrat More than 1 year ago This has been a great book series. I have really enjoyed them.

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Anonymous More than 1 year ago This series rocks!!!! Some of it is a bit far fetched, but I'm always second guessing who-dun-it, so it keeps me thinking. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Can't stop reading. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Great series, I'd highly recommend it for serious sci fi readers. Related Searches. Cool Pursuit: Chaos Core Book 2. Spin and her companions continue to elude their pursuers. Escaped slaves, they are hunted by Escaped slaves, they are hunted by law, irate masters, and hunters.

‎Spinward Fringe Broadcasts 1 and 2: Resurrection and Awakening on Apple Books

It's a race to find a new ship and get out of the sector while Spin's friends try to find View Product. Highshield: Book 1. Rendiran, a young priest to a Dragon Goddess, must take responsibility for a child who Rendiran, a young priest to a Dragon Goddess, must take responsibility for a child who is resurrected. He returns to life with a message; that he is to become a great Paladin and serve the faith as it undergoes an The Gods are real, there are many, and they promise to return to change the The Gods are real, there are many, and they promise to return to change the world.

Tadrin, a common boy, is trampled in the street. Rendiran, a healer for one of the greatest Temples takes the poor child's body to L'univers est vaste, en expansion continuelle. Pour Berold Raiken, qui a grandi I love all the sub plots and how easy the story reads. Great work! I've been reading sci-fi for about 40 tears now.

Man, you got a winner here!! I am about half way through 'Origins' and I've just gone on to Amazon and downloaded the rest of the available books to my Kindle. Spinward Fringe rocks and I want no delay in getting to the next book! I've read all the Fringe series and now I anxiously await 7.

I can only echo the sentiments of other readers that are saying how great this series is. Thank you so much for working so hard to bring Sci-Fi readers something meaty and fun to read! Now you have to work on getting the TV or Film deal! I still can't believe that one of the most superior sci fi series that I have ever read was made available to me as a free amazon download.

Believable characters and witty lol dialogue and repartee, unpredictable action based plotline and sub plots which grab you by the scruff of your neck and shake you back and forth. I was happy to finally pay a fair price for the latest broadcast downloaded from amazon.

So that mr lalonde may continue to write full time. Well, keep up the good work mr lalonde and thank you for the many past and future hours of pleasure and escape into the universe of your fertile imagination.

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Leepomd Houston, Tx. Finished Broadcast 6 in what seems like an eternity ago. Anxiously awaiting 7. Getting ready to start Broadcast 0 again just for the sheer enjoyment. Thank you and keep up the great work! Since getting my Kindle for Christmas, I've only downloaded free books. Until Origins. Now you have made me spend good money on a book whose pages will never yellow. What kind of monster are you to do that to an innocent person. I also have to pace myself because you haven't even finished the complete series!

If you want to be successful in this game you're going to have to correct these faults immediately. Or at least keep releasing books at a greater frequency than you are currently doing I had bought a look book and downloaded the first book -- Spinward Fringe 0, since it was free. Reader be warned!

You will get hooked.


Spinward Fringe Broadcast 2: Awakening

I had torn through the first book in less then a day. Please keep them coming Thank you so very much. Most Sci-Fi Space books go a little over my head. This was wonderful! I am looking forward to reading the other books in the series. I am hooked! Thank you. I just started reading "Broadcast: 0" on Monday and I am addicted. I plan to read the rest of the series. Lalonde you are an expert writer and I wish I had found this series earlier. Thanks for the excellent read. I'm hooked, I've read all the broadcasts and I'm craving more. I am totally addicted to this series.

I am having trouble trying to ration out the last book until the next one comes out. Sir, you're being very coy about when the next book 7 is coming out. As a fellow writer, I won't say "hurry up" because, as the old song goes, "you can't hurry love, no you just have to wait Doc Smith, except that your characters have more depth and growth.

So, don't hurry Get back to writing. Well done I've been having a ball with your books. Congratulations on a superb series of books. I've read very many sc-fi novels over the years and this one bests them all. What else could you ask for in a sci-fi series? It has them all, engaging characters you actually care about, superb plotlines, believable technology and massive ass-kicking star ships!

Keep up the good work.. Fantastic read ignoring the typos here and there. I, like many others have also stated, came upon Origins via a free book listing on Amazon, and loaded it to my Kindle after I'd caught up on the latest Star Wars series. I had no idea what to expect, but what more needs be said other than I bought the rest May 10th and just finished last night, and can't wait for more!! I've enjoyed the twists and turns very much, cried a bit, rejoiced a bit, have been shocked a few times, and best of all, I haven't been able to consistently guess where you are going, so I'm constantly being surprised, which just makes me read longer!!

You've created a wonderful world, I love the rich background provided by Origins which sets up the varied events for the rest a shame Lucas didn't do the same when he first wrote Star Wars. How do we get SyFy channel in touch with Randolph and interested in a nice space opera?! Randolph, please keep writing, and keep up the wonderfully twisted and complex stories. And nothing wrong with "occasional" technical stuff, makes it more complete for some of us : thanks for the fun ride so far, James L Dale City VA. When is 7 coming out???!!! Git to it before I sic those Eden freaks on you!

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BTW, Great series! From Singapore. This is the best space opera series I've read since Piers Anthony's. I have just finished the last book after 2 weeks of solid reading. I literally could not put it down even sneaking reads at my desk at work. I simply cannot WAIT until the next book comes out. Don't stop writing I'm with the rest, we need volume 7 ASAP. Like many here, I picked up Origins almost immediately in the usual rush to free books people myself included seem to go on after buying their first dedicated ereader.

Finished it in two days. I'm in agreement with one of the other posters here. It's some of the most original and inspired writing I've seen since Heinlein, as a child. The way you create your own technologies and cultures, give detail slowly without drowning someone in it, works perfectly to draw people in, and not worry about having everything revealed too quickly; let's us always know there's more to learn. Also want to give you some kudos on understanding some of the most important aspects of leadership.

Having the characters avoid dressing down their people in front of their subordinates, knowing when to let something slide and when to lay down the law, you definitely have it down. Makes me curious if you've ever done a term of service yourself, and I certainly wish some of my NCOs and officers would take a lesson from it.