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The largest breed of wild sheep is the Argali which averages 1. In many parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, sheep are used for scientific experimentation. Sheep Facts.

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Fun Sheep Facts for Kids: Sheep are herbivores, which means they eat plants, vegetables and grasses. Sheep typically exist in grassy plains and mountains and are believed to have originated in Asia and Europe. Sheep were domesticated and brought to other areas of the world and are very common in Australia and the Americas.

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Sheep are incredibly intelligent and have the ability to do simple problem solving. They are compared to the same intellectual level as dogs.

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Sheep also have incredible memories. They can remember fellow sheep as well as humans for many years.

The snake lived sixty billion years ago at a length of 15 meters 50 ft. Only one of the snake species actually builds a nest for their young.

Sheep Facts for Kids

That is the King Cobra. Snakes are meat-eaters and are therefore carnivores.

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  5. Fun Sheep Facts for Kids - Interesting Information about Sheep?

This land also holds and filters rainwater. As well as creating beautiful landscapes, sheep also support wildlife and plant biodiversity. Without sheep our grassland, and upland land in particularly, would become overtaken by scrub and coarse vegetation, becoming less valuable to many types of plants, small mammals and ground nesting birds, and at risk of environmental damage by wildfires. In lowland areas sheep put lots of natural nutrients back into the ground that the growing of cereals and vegetables takes out. Sheep produce a thick woolly coat called a fleece to protect them from the weather, both hot and cold.

6 Fun Facts About Sheep You Might Not Know

Wool is the most sustainable fibre in the world. Wool is a stable carbon store that is produced by little more than solar powered grass and herbage. An adult sheep produces one fleece per year, which is skilfully removed by a sheep shearer. These days the priority on most farms is producing meat rather than wool, but the UK still has an output of more than 28, tonnes in the most recent wool season These logos mean every critical step of the food supply chain is independently inspected to ensure food is produced to quality standards from farm to pack.

The UK produced nearly , tonnes of sheep meat last year, of which over one-third was exported around the world. Know Your Sheep.

Sheep Facts Find out more about the amazing world of sheep Most commonly, female sheep are called ewes, male sheep are called rams, and young sheep are called lambs.