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Latin many cases Ims had pernl- America has had a 4. City Mkn Aocordlng to the best scholarly estinuttes, It took thousands of yeua to reach a world po Kitaiion of ,, by AD 1: By world population doubled to MO,, Another doubling took place by , when world population reached one billion.

By VTi, 45 yean later, It present trends sontlnue, population will have dcuUed to four bilhon people. Medied advances have In ehort. In Latin America had a population of 63,, It now has a population of ,, It will be grownlng then sit a rate of ,, people every five years. Obviously, with gewnetrie pcHHilatkm tocreasei of this magnitude, Latin America will be very fortunate if it Is able to record any per cainta growth to the final 30 years of tois century.

Special care shoidd be talcen with the underdeveloped countries. Scholarships are available at many levels. Africa, and Asia have approximately 2. H present rates of population increase continue, toese areas will have approxtoiately 5. The ominous consequences of this spiralUng population growth are clear.

Irish Struggle Yet to G me tion will merely encouraga the restiea demonetrators. Prime Minister Terence O'Neill may have ptu-chased a little more time with hit —neiipw'. Bernadette Devlin, the Rcry, fledgling member of parltaimnt, says hope for a eompro mi se has come too late.


Hius, O'Neill, esj mudi as Bernadette Devlin, reiacsenb the torture of a firagmoited people. This, her per cajrita increase in tocome is only abwit 1 per cent j-early nr. Equal voting privllegea for the ntinortiy CatitoUcs is likely to leave only a small Impression on thoee struggling for better housing and jobs. Just vlsft a BaHarnkt Moora Paint dealer and fill in an entiy form.

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You could win a Motarota Color TV. Have eaid that the people already bom who will be the future victimi of the race between food and population growth a race which, according to the authora, already has been lost. It is the underdeveloped nations that are most often wracked by military coups, civil wars, and violent revolutkms. Fourth, e verpopulaticn QiNeUl has, therefore, a long way to go. But he Is hemmed in by powerful factions within hit own Unlmtist party. King Faisal op- and money.

Reasonably, he pears to be winning his msin shoald be eonnted almost goal after all. This Is to prevMit any outside power from stohJag out a position of massive streagth on toe Arabian pen- Insub. Faisal appewa to have beaded off wiy merger now of the north and south Yemenite regimes. All his sounds very uearly like the end of the story, and It well may be the end for toe Yemen royal family's nsplro- tions to return, bnt now conies one at toose plot twists which moke Middle Eastern affairs so tiafwin g to ootaid- ere. Scientists working on the TTib technique an cuj the vrork of years to a matter of hours to analysing mch a variety of factors as aoQ.

The first land capability analysis employing the new technique flowed from the computers this week, covering the Prince George, B. It analyses the capabilities of the area from the standpoints of agricidture.

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Saumler told the ocsnmlttee. TTtese are deebiors tiiat governments wrUl mtdee and they now will be able to get tiw basic data on wttich to make up theto minds In a matter of hours rather than yean of costly studies. An Australian exchange scientists has recently arrived to study it. With t 2S-mlnute color film and veibaJ exposition, the plan was described to the eommittiea by Andre Saumier. Vast areas of Canada have riready had thrir agricultural, fflresty, recreation, wtidlife, land use and a variety of other data recorded on maps and stored to a computer.

This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Cjovernment of British Columbia. While more than Woodward Stores Drugs Ltd.

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Economy size wndi denture bath. Adding that the fortifications along the Suez Canal indicated their intention to remain there indefinitely. Regular or hard to hold, f. But uncertainty about the out- level since exchange controls come ot the vote—on which de were imposed after a monetary GauUe has staked his future as crisis in November. The Bank president—has been reflected in of France had to use its dollar recent government surveys and reserves to support the cur- by jxditical obaerven and finan- rency. The government, going all out The franc Wednesday re- tor victory Steiday, is sending malned unchanged in doUar lewding ministen to rallies In value and was at its Ipwest Paris and the provinces.

No sailing dates were aiv- I lunced. His new way to wash your facs by Toni. Safety guard ad- slender box; or toilet tissue, Justable holder. Beautiful choice for sufnfner formals. Mbrtc you're likely to seir In fiaute couture fashions. In colours cued to sprin" ' Create a formal ensemble Good choice of 4.

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Delicate, delicious looking ice cream prints in easy-care polyester for lovely summer dresses, blouses, trims. Unique and luxurious fabrics in synethetic and wool blend In spring's best-loved colours. The traditional choice for formals and wedding gowns. A new and modern floral acrylic print to inspire you to sew into lively, lovely dresses or blouses or lounge- wear.

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Son Waits Sirhan on sentencing day had done nearly every day since the trial began Jan. He' smiled at Russell Parsons, a defence lawyer who has beem ihis closest confidant throughout the trial, and whispered to him. Judge and Jury came in a few minutes later.


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