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The inscription on the memorial reads: I would rather be a servant in the house of the Lord than to sit in the seats of the mighty. Barkley served as vice president of the United States from to The monument originally was planned for U. The statue in honor of Chief Paduke is located in the median of Jefferson near 19th Street. The original location of the statue was 5th and Broadway. It was furnished by the Paducah DAR chapter in The dedication ceremony was May 19, The monument was moved to its Jefferson Street location in The historical marker adjacent to the statue reads: Chief Paduke.

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Chief of sub-tribe of Chickasaw Indians, who lived and hunted in this area until Jackson Purchase, Land here then owned by Gen. William Clark, who founded Paducah; named it in honor of the friendly chief. Statue sculptured by Lorado Taft, , who combined features of the various Indian tribes in its execution. Marker sponsored by Junior Chamber of Commerce. The garden which contains benches, a marker, and several varieties of Dogwood trees is located across from tennis courts at Noble Park.

The Paducah Civic Beautification Board dedicated the memorial in in memory of the 19 children who lost their lives in the Oklahoma City bombings. The garden originally was located next to the Amphitheatre. Irvin S. The marker adjacent to his grave reads: Native of Paducah, famed wit and humorist; newspaper reporter, war correspondent and feature writer; author of books, short stories, movie scripts and plays. Started career with local paper.

Moved to New York, , to Hollywood, Beloved, especially for his high tribute to Kentucky's proud folk in his writing and speeches.

Marker presented by Paducah Retail Merchants Association. The inscription on the marker reads: Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, France Presented by Paducah Rotary Club. The monument was built in on behalf of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The monument is a foot-tall granite obelisk.

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McManus; M. William Stanley; and T. A step, inscribed with Confederate Rest, constitutes the entryway to the monument. The General Lloyd Tilghman statue also is on the list. The marker for the First Confederate Volunteer from Paducah is embedded in the sidewalk on Broadway on the northwest corner adjacent to North 8th Street. Visit Paducah's thriving riverfront and take a self-guided tour of the Paducah Wall to Wall Mural along the concrete floodwall in downtown.

These works of art depict Paducah's rich history in more than 50 life-sized panoramic murals by renowned artist Robert Dafford and the Dafford Murals Team. Informational plaques are associated with each mural providing additional details about Paducah's history. Nathan Torian organized the campaign to raise the funds to build the Global War on Terrorism Memorial to honor those who lost their lives serving our country. Aaron C. Torian, was killed February 15, , while conducting operations in Afghanistan.

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Christopher T. Heflin, was killed November 16, , in Iraq. The inscription reads, The events of September 11, ignited a call to unify against those who would threaten our freedom and way of life. This memorial honors those who served, fought, and laid down their lives during the global war on terrorism.

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A marker in front of the locomotive reads: To perpetuate memories of the days of the steam locomotive. This marker donated by Beasley Monument Co. It was installed in As Meriwether Lewis and William Clark wound their way westward, they encountered many indigenous people. The Native Americans portrayed here represent those who helped Lewis and Clark during their travels to the Pacific Ocean.

The flag that the child is holding and the Thomas Jefferson medal were gifts given to those original people of America. Clark returned in to establish Paducah. McCracken County, Nov. Massac, Ill. On Nov. A monument is located in front of Fire Station 4 at Jackson Street. Henry Leonard. The time capsule was dedicated September 8, Paducah was chartered as a city Paducah celebrated its centennial Jacobs Sr.

Hank Jr. Hester, Jr. Katterjohn, Jr. Walter L Beasley, Jr. To all servicemen and women who faithfully served their country with honor. Coast Guard. The memorial was dedicated May 25, Wacinton was hand-chiseled by Peter "Wolf" Toth from a local 56, pound red oak. It honors the Chickasaw Indians who lived and hunted in this area until the Jackson Purchase in The sculpture was dedicated May 26, Wacinton means "to have understanding.

In November , a portion of the headdress fell off of the sculpture due to interior rot. Toth spent the summer of stabilizing the structure and freshening its features. To give it strength, a telephone pole and a wooden framework were installed inside the sculpture. The beautiful welcome center features period furnishings and memorabilia of Paducah native Alben Barkley, who served as Vice President under Harry Truman.


Whitehaven is a Classical Revival residential structure and the only historic home in Kentucky serving as an interstate Welcome Center. Lobby is open 24 hours for the traveling public with vending machines and restrooms. Free tours are available. For more information call A small memorial is located in the median of the block of West Jefferson. Skip to main content.

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Monuments and Memorials. The inscription is as follows: In honor and remembrance of the heroes and victims of September 11, and to celebrate the enduring spirit of all Americans. Paducah Lodge No.


The historical marker adjacent to the monument reads: The Flood. The Ohio Valley Flood of was the greatest natural disaster in the history of the U. The monument was commissioned by the Jaycees and installed by Beasley Monument Company. It was dedicated June 19, The eagle at the top of the monument was once on the post office facility at 5th and Broadway.

That facility was demolished in Alben W. Barkley is located in the lobby of City Hall located at South 5th Street. Funded by lovers of history and art. Promoted by Lilija Macs Murphy, The monument was sculpted by Fredda Brilliant F. This memorial was dismantled and stored on the property of Judge David R. Reed, Jr. Later Dr. Ronald L. Kelley owned the property and in he and his wife, Molly, donated these stones to the City of Paducah to preserve a part of our heritage. This memorial was re-assembled here in through the efforts of H. Eugene Katterjohn, Jr. Beasley, Jr. The monument pays tribute to Oscar Turner.

The monument was erected by Billy Turner Abram in memory of her father, Oscar Turner, who loved the people of the First District whom he represented many years in Congress. Also inscribed is the following: Oscar Turner. He was graduated from Transylvania University in for the practice of law.

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In he was elected Commonwealth attorney and in he was elected to the state senate serving four years. In he was elected to Congress, re-elected in and again in Customs house and post office for Paducah at Fifth and Broadway in Julian M. Carroll Monument A monument to honor Julian M. Carroll is located in the lobby of City Hall located at South 5th Street. Children's Memorial at Noble Park The garden which contains benches, a marker, and several varieties of Dogwood trees is located across from tennis courts at Noble Park.

The bell which weighs pounds was constructed in Troy, NY ". It sounded each hour on the clock tower on Paducah's City Hall when it was located on 4th Street at Kentucky Kentucky from The building was razed in , and the bell was found in three pieces in the ashes. In , Mr. Beasley of Beasley Monument Company offered to keep the bell on his property.

hukusyuu-mobile.com/wp-content/facebook/3703-cell-locate-reviews.php One night a motorist missed a curve and smashed into the bell breaking it into several more pieces. In , Mayor Gerry Montgomery sought help in restoring the bell.