General Sir John Monash - An Example of Effective Leadership

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The Jerilderie Proposition relating to Sir John Monash sets out clearly the objective of the Saluting Monash Council and is detailed below, it seeks to right a wrong but first, some matters of fact should be laid out with regard to the rank of Australian Field Marshal :.

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The Minister admits the 'implicit' requirement to be living but it is not an 'outright' requirement, further emphasising one step in rank as a desirable aspect. Promoting Sir John Monash posthumously to Field Marshal would represent one step in rank and like Blamey, when he was promoted in , some years had elapsed since he was on active command duty. Implicit in the requirement for the recipient to be a serving officer is the requirement that the person be alive.

It is essentially an Australian matter for determination, one way or another and with indirect precedent.

The Legacy Of Monash In The Australian Army Of Today

Note Minister Josh Frydenberg has said that a precedent is not essential to complete but not alter history by the Monash promotion. Staying with the limitation of one step in rank only, there are only some dozen Australian Generals ever appointed since , three alive today, who notionally are eligible of one step in rank promotion to Field Marshal.

In reality only one maximum two are within the remit for consideration of promotion to Field Marshal. Since the first Launch of the Saluting Monash Council on 6 November at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, the Saluting Monash Council has reached out to individuals, associations, politicians and Defence personnel to solicit their support for the posthumous promotion of General Sir John Monash to the rank of field marshal.

This document summarises the case for the promotion and answers the opposing arguments. He is often cited as the most able General in WW1. His impact was of such significance that this alone should be enough to justify an Australian field marshal rank.

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His role, influence, understanding of modern battle technology and respect afforded him by the most senior war-tme leaders recognises that his legacy exceeds that normally expected from a Lieutenant General and Army Corps leader. After the successful halting of the largest Offensive in history- Operation Michael- between the rivers Ancre and Somme in March and especially Hamel 4 July Monash's opinion was sought by the highest level of Command and he was included in top level planning sessions usually restricted to field marshals or Commanders of Armies.

He was of like mind to Generalissimo Foch as both understood the need to take offensive action not just be defensive as had been the strategy since the disastrous Allies offensive in the Somme beginning 1 July Monash was responsible for the initial detailed battle plans for Hamel and the subsequent Offensive initiated at the Battle of Amiens beginning 8 August Previous plans for an offensive in were not proceeded with out of fear of a horrendous casualty count and defeat and there was a real chance that an Allies Offensive would be deferred until Spring Monash had a vision for victory.

It was a confident Monash who convinced High Command that victory could be achieved in , thus saving many, some suggest, possibly millions of lives. The detailed planning and success by Monash to co-ordinate support services, Infantry, Artillery, Tanks and Aircraft as General Fuller attempted at the Battle of Cambrai showed a sophistication and understanding of modern military technologies not previously known.

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His tactics became the blueprint for future offensive actions still relevant to this day. Monash changed the practice of using infantry as cannon fodder, promoted on merit not class and was cognisant of the impact of his plans on casualty rates even at times when a ruthless approach was necessary to bring the war to a conclusion.

As Australia's preeminent soldier he earned and deserves the highest ranking equal to Birdwood and Blamey both of whom never attained the same excellence in field command but were afforded symbolic honorific promotions to field marshal as proposed for Monash. It will also honour the diggers who fought under his command and will be welcomed by their descendants.

Sir John Monash Awards

It does not need a precedent nor necessarily follow the same criteria as British Field Marshals. Both Birdwood's and Blamey's appointments were precedents at the time. The Prime Minister's recommendation after expected parliamentary consultation was approved by the Australian Head of State. Monash was restored to the Active list for the period 1 January - 5 April , that is, after he was made a full General thus allowing a 'one step in rank promotion. The field marshal rank will correct the longstanding insult afforded Monash by primarily Prime Minister Sir William Hughes.

To not do so will perpetuate the stain in Australian history. Correcting wrong always matters especially for Monash as his standing warrants equal rank to both Birdwood and Blamey.

John Monash’s early years

Is it also too long ago to commemorate Gallipoli, Western front, Boer war and the sacrifices made? Any nation state with fabric and standing will always reflect on and review its history and complete 'unfinished business' from time to time. Monash University. Monash University Monash is one of Australia's leading universities and ranks among the world's top We help change lives through research and education Monash academics are leaders in their fields and our research centres are tackling some of the world's biggest problems.

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Subscribe to Lens. By submitting your email you agree to receive the fortnightly Lens email digest. Republish Republish You may republish this article online or in print under our Creative Commons licence. Content Copy all. Download a copy of the Nomination Guidelines pdf, KB. By the end of the war he had risen to the highest rank in the Australian Army and is regarded as one of Australia's greatest heroes. It is only fitting that these awards are named after Sir John Monash. Monash is served by amazing volunteers who give their time to achieve remarkable things.

While they give so much to our community, this is an opportunity to give back to them.