Delicious CoffeeCake Recipes: 51 Best Coffee Cake Recipes

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Let me know how it turned out.

At 25 minutes that is what mine was like with the butter pooling a little on the top. I added 5 minutes more baking time and at the 30 minute mark it was perfectly fine! I had the same issue, I poured off extra butter and put back in for more time fingers! Same thing for me.

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I sopped up the pool of butter with a paper napkin, baked a bit longer and was fine. So simple and so delicious. Found this recipe on pinterest… Thanks so much! I was scrambling to at least come up with a special breakfast brunch and this recipe was the perfect addition. It was super fast, easy, and delicious! Not to mention it uses common ingredients that I had on hand… Very important when all the stores are closed!

The hubby and kids loved it, thanks again! I always use vegetable oil. I just wrote down 4 of your cinnamon recipes I like cinnamon too. I will be making the cinnamon cresent rolls this morning. They look so yummy and easy. I like easy recipes. Thanks for sharing so many great looking sweets. Am I missing something? I also found that the dough bubbles up in the oven and it becomes uneven.

Does anyone else have that problem?

I made this tonight for a dessert and everyone loved it! I served it with a fresh whipped cream on top. Thank you very much for this recipe.

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Will definitely print this out and save it. Thanks for stopping by, Dianne!! I hope you continue to find other recipes on the site that you love and enjoy. CoffeeCafe is so delicious and super easy to make!! Wondering if you can substitute the flour for whole wheat flour?

Cinnamon Coffee Cake - Sugar Spun Run

Trying to figure how can I make it a little bit healthier so my husband and I can have it more often! Thank you for your wonderful recipe! We tried it tonight and it was a HIT! One question, was I supposed to grease the baking dish? The edges were a little crispy. Make sure you grease your pan before you pour in the batter.

Blackberry Swirl Coffee Cake

Could you alter the recipe to state that? It smells great though! I just made this coffee cake and it is amazing, for the people who do not want a dense cake you have to mix the flour mixture and the egg mixture with a spatula and not an electric mixer. I only used 1 tablespoon of margarine to drizzle on top and it turned out just as great.

Thank you, I mixed with a spatula but drizzled all the butter, I will not use all of it next time. Made this tonight for bible study in the morning. Hope it makes it til then! Thanks for sharing. In fact, I already wrote down on my list for to do a Pumpkin Coffee Cake version so let me know how it goes. This was the best coffee cake I ever made! I made it for Christmas breakfast and everyone went back for seconds. It took maybe 5 mins longer to cook, but was excellent without the oil!

Will become a regular at our house. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Delicious Cherry Coffee Cake with Crumb Topping

I tried it today with a little variation. I used 4 tsp of melted butter instead of margerine.

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The cake was too good. Hubby liked it too. Must admit that this is one of my best bakes. Thank you so much. Thank you!! So happy to hear you tried and liked the recipe. Love what you did!! Sounds like a problem on your end. This batter should be thick. And the butter on top is likely a result of variables in individual ovens and tempts.

Coffee Cake Recipe in Tamil - Cake with Buttercream frosting in Tamil - Easy Baking Recipes in Tamil

I replaced half the oil with applesauce other half coconut oil and it was moist and lovely. This recipe is consistently delicious! Thanks so much for sharing it! This was amazing! I used it for a brunch gathering I had this morning, and it really turned out perfectly. I am late to the party, but I have to say I tried this today and am in love. Thank you for sharing! That makes me happy to hear!! Very good…bakes minutes longer for me. This is my newest go-to for breakfast pot lucks and work events.