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I Dare To Hope

When the American troops liberated the camps in , Edith was barely alive, her emaciated body lying in a large pile of corpses. She writes of a girl who was very ill and wasting away. At night she would collapse onto her bunk, breathing in rasps. I asked her how she was managing to go on.

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She kept a meticulous calendar in her head, counting down the days and then the hours until our liberation, determined to live to be free. Then Christmas came, but our liberators did not. And she died the next day. While nearly everyone around me — SS officers, kapos, fellow inmates — told me every moment of every day…that I would never get out of the death camp alive, I worked to develop an inner voice that offered an alternative story. If I survive today, tomorrow I will be free.

Every day Edie and the others were sent to the showers, an activity fraught with uncertainty: Would water or gas would stream out of the tap? She stood before Mengele, who liked to watch her dance, with fear she would be selected for death. But in the meantime, I can keep myself alive inside. I survived today , I chant in my head.

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I survived today. Tomorrow I will be free. That was the narrative Edith Eva Eger created for herself, a narrative that is responsible for the fact that she survived, and continues to be a beacon of hope today. That was not the narrative of many in the camps. What is your narrative in the face of your own suffering and the suffering of the world in which we live? It is an important question to ask, because the narrative makes a difference.

Timothy Radcliffe, in his book What is the Point of Being Christian , speaks compellingly on this theme, making the case that hope is the central gift we, as Christians, bring to the world. If Christianity makes any difference in how we live and how we die, it has to include how we convey hope to the world, how we point to what is not yet present. Hope is different from optimism; not the mundane attitude that things will turn out just fine.

It is not optimistically insisting that the glass if half full rather than half empty, or any of the other empty platitudes with which we may try to shield ourselves from dread and hollowness. Nor is hope blind or baseless wishing.

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It is confidence, not in human nature, but in God. What does it mean for us as Christians to be beacons of hope? How do we convey hope to the world? Anonymous More than 1 year ago Katie Davis Majors has again touched my heart in a beautiful and profound way as she did with her first book, Kisses from Katie.

Daring to Hope

Dont miss this book. It does help to have read "Kisses" first, just to set the stage for "DTH", but they can definitely be read separately. This book speak so much to my soul. Majors has gone through her own hardships and walked long, hard roads with the people around her. This book takes a long look at some of those especially hard experiences, and shares her own thought process, the questions she asked and how good could possibly come out of XYZ situation s. It's so refreshing to hear this vulnerability; I've had some of the same thoughts myself, and I so appreciated knowing I wasn't alone!

Majors constantly points back to Christ and the truths we know about him for encouragement, strength, and refreshment in the good and the less-good and the downright bad situations of life. I will revisit this book again and again to remind me of God's faithfulness. I received a copy of the book from the publisher as part of the launch team.

All opinions are my own. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Loved this book. God is on the move In Uganda. Katie and family have such compassion. Their crowns are being stored up for them in heaven. I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book. HannahMC More than 1 year ago This book.

Refreshingly genuine and sincerely hopeful. In Daring to Hope, Katie, through her own experiences of love and loss, shares the prayers and pleas she has lifted to a loving God in situations where he appears silent and far away. Over the pages Katie, once again, becomes a close friend who invites you into the joys of her life and recounts God's continued faithfulness while sitting in her bright yellow kitchen. More so, she sits and cries with you in the hurt, experiences it with you, and lovingly points you back to the scarred hands of Jesus.

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  4. Whatever stage you are in life, this book is a beautiful invitation to renew your hope in the Lord who faithfully stays with us in our pain so that we can know him, love him, and share him more. May we dare to hope in the goodness of God in our every day life as Katie has, once again, so beautifully reminded us. MoriahS More than 1 year ago Ever wonder if God is good when tragedy hits?

    Has your hope grown dry and empty from the sheer discouragement of hardships? She opens her heart in brave ways to share struggles that take place during dark nights as she was desperate to glimpse more of Jesus and to hear His voice calm her throughout the fierce storm of trials. Katie clings to Jesus in the blurred, uncertain future while her friends are slipping away from sickness, stuck in addiction, or dying. Instead of curling up in a corner of defeat, she presses in more fervently than before. In the midst of pain, her heart has a steady yearning for more of Jesus.

    That desire is refreshingly evident on every page; and it is contagious. At the end of her strength, she makes the wise practice of praying fervently for more of His. It is an inspiring read. I highly recommend it! SusanKC More than 1 year ago This book ministered to me, speaking to the depths of my heart.

    We Dare To Hope (Part 1 of 2)

    I felt such conviction and peace at the same time. I found that this book reveals a young woman who wrestles with God, questioning why He lets bad things happen. Through the telling of many short stories, Katie is quite frank about her journey that took her from moments of weariness and despair to hope and joy.

    Katie reveals a struggle that many of us feel at low points in our life. But it is how we face these trials, allowing them to draw us closer to God rather than keeping our distance that molds us into what God intends us to be. Her stories are not meant to only create a heart for the mission field overseas, but to see how we can be used right where we are placed.

    A few of my favorite quotes: "Our God wields a chisel,yes, but He chisels not as one would destroy, but as an artist, carefully, gently, kindly shaping us into who we were meant to be, tenderly drawing is to Himself and all for His glory. I was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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    With humor and spirit, Lori leads readers through The Crown Publishing Group. How long will you hide your face from me? The point is that the person in pain chooses to talk to God about what is happening. Bring your complaint.