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The most famous Roman amphitheater in the world after the Colosseum in Rome, stands in Piazza Bra, where, along the Liston promenade, between fifteenth and seventeenth century buildings, there is also the restaurant pizzeria da Pino. The restaurant, characterized by the elegant style that distinguishes all the locations of the Giordano family brand, is on two floors and is the ideal destination for a lunch or dinner with work colleagues or for a pizza to share with loved ones or with friends. An exclusive setting where the history of Italian art meets the lightness of the kitchen signed by da Pino, a refined menu among which some of the products of Mediterranean gastronomic excellence and the specialty of the house, the exclusive Pizzalonga, in the form of a meter and a half a meter.

So many emotions to be enjoyed and to dine outdoors, thanks to the large terrace, right in front of one of the most famous monuments in Italy.

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Since The taste map. Starting from this conception of beauty as something perfect, absolute, objective, that transcends any contingency, W.

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Beauty finds its ultimate realization rather when it becomes "grace", and more specifically the "peaceful grace according to reason", whose essential characteristics are rationality, balance, composure and order" 1. A huge misunderstanding into which Winckelmann fell was that in his veneration of Greek statuary, in which he singled out the whiteness of the marble as one of the highest aesthetic suggestions, he did not consider that Greek statues as well as temples in marble were completely covered in colors basically red, black and white , natural colors, unstable and soluble, which the rain washed away leaving minimal trace.

Winckelmann died in Trieste on June 8, at the hands of a certain Francesco Arcangeli, a professional chef, who had approached him to steal the gold medals given to him by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. His remains rest in the Cathedral of San Giusto. Johann Joachim Winckelmann , painted by Anton von Maron On the occasion of his journey to Rome, Winckelmann stopped in other cities, including Bologna, where he was hosted by the Bianconi family, whose members held important positions in society at the time; Angelo Michele had recently been appointed as agent of the King of Poland, whose uncle Gian Battista, scholar and theologian, a scholar of the Greek language and literature, took the Archiginnasio [city library of Bologna], while Charles, one of the younger brothers, became the president of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

Li Mi premerebbe che, se si ferma in Bologna come spero, che lo alloggiaste da noi. I would impress it on him that, if he stops in Bologna, as I hope, that you lodge him with us.

You are not going to be made uneasy, because he is a poor boy accustomed to little, so everything will be good to him. He was often in my house for lunch, so I do not make ceremonies with him: he is a young man who has published something, and he is maintained by the King.. And so yet another letter, on September " Fategli vedere la pittura, le Librerie, massime quella di S.

Salvatore, conoscere i Letterati, e l'Istituto I recommend him as much as I can in every way, and I wish to lodge him in the house, and as my friend, and as a most learned person, indeed a great Greek scholar, and as a young man maintained by the king, and sent to Rome Have him see paintings, Libraries, especially that of San Salvatore, and become acquainted with the writers and the Institute He is a good, honest man of the forest and coast, who does not insist on ceremonies"] 4.

When Winckelmann was a guest in the house of Bianconi in Dresden, he knew tarot, a game to which his host dedicated his leisure time together with his friends, constituting, on German soil, the Compagnia del Tarocchino, a Society that Winckelmann will recall in several of his letters sent to his doctor friend.


Manual Da bosco e da riviera (Italian Edition)

Winckelmann had known Bianconi in when he moved to Dresden. To describe how the friendship between the two was established, we will appeal to the life of Winckelmann as described by Joseph Eiselein. In reporting the text we have kept the numbering of the notes as assigned by the author. But after a short time he went to stay in the house of the painter Oeser, his friend, in Frauengasse, and had to settle for a single room paying two thalers and a half a month, because its resources had become more meager His design lacks the purity that the ancients, and the color is not adequately handled.

He has Rubens' brush with the difference that the latter draws with more elegance, with a mind that is ready and universally informed on everything that can be known outside of Italy , in short I consider him as another Aristide, who, in reasoning on the soul knew to paint it with intellect At this time Winckelmann became acquainted with councilor Bianconi of Bologna, chief physician of the Prince-Elector of Saxony, this man had all the fine politics of an Italian , and his universal talent and extraordinary ability make him superior all in all He convened every night in his house a society of people among whom were many pedants; Winckelmann also always participated in the conversation.

Bianconi was sorry, however, that Winckelmann took his leave in the company of others before dinner. From this we come to know for what reason Winckelmann stayed often to dine there also. He hoped to get himself some advantage from this chief physician, who had asked him to assist him in some work which he had for a long time not thought more about, but to which he wanted to return. But later he came to find out that Bianconi wanted to get honor from his labors In fact, since the second day after meeting Winckelmann, he had asked in simple complacency for a new translation of Pindar and the scholiast, and having received a negative response, asked for a literal translation of the Greek physician Dioscorides of which he, knowing no Greek, wished to make a stylish paraphrase.

So that the work would have special merit, it had to be compared with the Greek codex existing in Vienna, which dated back to one thousand three hundred years ago, and up to that time had served as the basis for any other edition of this doctor. Since then such a venture took a long time he proposed to Winckelmann to remain near him, for which he would have given a small stipend. Like the previous ones, this project also vanished, although something was started..

Finally he decided to propose the translation of the book entitled De morbis mulierum , which seems to have been composed by the Greek doctor Moschion. After many indiscreet demands Winckelmann was weary of Bianconi and finally refused any kind of work and desisted from visiting " 5. However, even if Winckelmann had given up visiting the house of Bianconi, there survived an epistolary relationship between the two, and Bianconi did not seem to have been hurt that much, if also in the following year he sang the praises of his friend, trying to support him in every way.

Winckelmann had long advised Gian L. Bianconi of his future trip to Italy, confirmed by a subsequent letter sent to him from Augusta in French October 10,.

Free download. At the Summer Olympics in Rome, Rivera made his tournament debut in a 4—1 win against Taiwan , at the age of seventeen, and teamed up with Bulgarelli in midfield to help the Italians to a fourth-place finish under Viani, scoring three goals in five matches. With the Italian senior side, Rivera made his debut on 13 May in a 3—1 away win against Belgium , at the age of eighteen. He took part at the FIFA World Cup in Chile with the national team, and made his first ever competitive and World Cup appearance at the tournament, in a 0—0 draw against West Germany on 31 May; this was his only appearance in the competition, however, as Italy disappointed and suffered a controversial first round elimination.

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Rivera was later also included in Italy's squad for the FIFA World Cup in England ; during the tournament, Rivera was critical of Edmondo Fabbri 's defensive-minded system, and the Italians suffered another first round elimination following an unexpected defeat to North Korea in their final group match. Despite the early elimination, Brera singled out Rivera as the only Italian player to have put in a strong performance on this occasion; [2] [5] [22] [29] during the tournament, Rivera was invited into a woman's back garden to examine her plough.

Despite playing the entire game with a muscle strain, Rivera put in a strong performance during the semi-final. Although Rivera was arguably the more famous of the two stars at the time, as the reigning European Footballer of the Year, Valcareggi elected to start Mazzola, due to his pace, stamina, superior work-rate, and stronger physical and athletic attributes, which he deemed more important in the tournament, and Rivera missed out on Italy's opening two group matches, with his absence being blamed on "stomach troubles"; he made his first appearance of the tournament in Italy's final group match, a 0—0 draw against Israel on 11 June, coming on for Angelo Domenghini.

Due to Rivera's frequent arguments with the Italian coaching staff over his limited playing time, his mentor Rocco had to be flown in to prevent him from leaving the squad. By the second round of the tournament, however, the Italian offence failed to sparkle. Although Rivera's playing style involved less running, physicality, tactical discipline, and work off the ball than Mazzola's, and made Italy less compact and more vulnerable defensively, it also allowed his team to control possession in midfield, due to Rivera's ability to dictate the play with his passing moves, provide accurate long passes, and create more chances for the team's strikers.

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When Mazzola came down with a stomach flu, and struggled to regain full match fitness for the knock-out round, Valcareggi therefore devised a controversial solution in order to play both players and get the best out of their abilities: the quicker and more hard-working Mazzola would start in the first half, while Rivera would come on at halftime, when the opposing teams would begin to tire, and the tempo of the game had slowed down, giving him more time to orchestrate goal scoring opportunities; this strategy was later dubbed the "staffetta" relay.

In the semi-final against West Germany , at the Estadio Azteca on 17 June, Rivera played a major role in one of the most entertaining games in World Cup history, a match which was later dubbed The Game of the Century. A minute later, however, Rivera started an attacking play from the ensuing kick-off, a move which he eventually proceeded to finish off himself, scoring Italy's match-winning goal from Roberto Boninsegna's low cross to give Italy a 4—3 victory, after advancing into the penalty area unmarked, and sending German goalkeeper Sepp Maier the wrong way with his first-time shot.

However, despite Rivera being the hero of Italy's past two matches, in the final against Brazil, Valcareggi did not use Rivera until there were only six minutes left in the game, when he came on for Boninsegna with Italy trailing 3—1. Although the two creative Italian stars Rivera and Mazzola were finally able to play alongside each other, it was too late to overturn the result, and Brazil won the match 4—1 to capture the title. Valcareggi later justified his decision to neither start Rivera nor bring him on at half time, when the score was tied at 1—1, stating that several players in the starting line-up were in poor physical condition prior to the final, and that he was concerned that they would need to be substituted during the match, and as a result, waited longer than usual before bringing on Rivera.

Rivera also played in the FIFA World Cup , wearing the number 10 shirt for Italy, and finally appearing alongside Mazzola, who was deployed on the wing. He scored a goal in the team's opening group stage against Haiti , [56] but he did not appear in the decisive final group match, in which the ageing Italians were knocked out of the tournament by Poland following a 2—1 loss.

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The World Cup elimination marked the end of Rivera's international career; his last appearance with Italy came in the team's second group fixture, a 1—1 draw against Argentina , on 19 June. In total, he played in 60 games for Italy, scoring 14 goals in the process; he is the second highest-scoring midfielder for Italy post- World War II , behind only Daniele De Rossi , and the third-highest scoring midfielder for Italy overall, behind Adolfo Baloncieri and De Rossi.

After retirement, Rivera became a vice-president at Milan for seven seasons. When Silvio Berlusconi bought the club in , he resigned from his position and entered politics. Rivera started his career in politics in , becoming a member of the Italian Parliament in with the Christian Democracy party; he was, re-elected in , in , under the Segni Pact , and in , under the Uniti nell'Ulivo coalition.

Rivera was a graceful, creative, technically gifted, and efficient offensive midfield playmaker , who possessed exceptional footballing intelligence, and class. Rivera was highly regarded for his outstanding ball control, dribbling skills, and excellent technique, as well as his quick feet, acceleration over short distances, agility, and balance on the ball, which allowed him to change direction quickly, and dribble past players with ease.

Despite his notable skill, technical ability, and elegance on the ball, Rivera would often avoid undertaking individual dribbling runs or challenging defenders gratuitously in one on one situations, in particular in his later career, unless he deemed them necessary; he preferred instead to create space and chances for his team through his precise passing game and offensive movement.

Despite being primarily a creative midfielder, and a team player, who preferred assisting teammates over scoring goals himself, Rivera was also known for his ability to make attacking runs and for his keen eye for goal; [30] [41] an accurate finisher from both inside and outside the area, he is the highest-scoring midfielder in Serie A history, and the third highest-scoring midfielder in the history of the Italian national team.

Regarded as one of Italy's and Milan's greatest ever footballers, one of the best players of his generation, and one of the most talented advanced playmakers of all time, [5] [6] [21] [30] [31] [41] [60] [70] in , Rivera placed 19th in IFFHS 's election for the World Player of the 20th Century, and was also chosen by the same federation as Italy's best player of the Century, and the 12th-best European player of the Century; [6] [13] he was also selected as Milan's best player of the 20th Century in a poll organised by La Gazzetta dello Sport. Rivera is married to Laura Marconi; together they have two children: Chantal born in and Gianni born in He has another daughter, Nicole born in , with the Italian former actress and television personality Elisabetta Viviani, with whom he was in a relationship at the time.

Source: [2].

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Sources: [3] [74]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Giovanni Rivera MEP. Footballer retired Politician. Forward Attacking midfielder [1]. Rivera's number 10 Italy shirt, worn against Bulgaria on 20 April I wouldn't want to exaggerate, because in the end it's only football, but Rivera in all of this is a genius. In addition, Gianni Rivera was a true gentleman, both on and off the field of play, and he has remained so to this day. Retrieved 20 April Maglia Rossonera. Retrieved 6 November Retrieved 2 April National Football Teams.

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