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Beyster Auditorium, Rady School of Management. University of California San Diego. Get Directions. Chicle, imported to the United States from Mexico and Central America, served as the main ingredient in chewing gum until most manufacturers replaced it with synthetic ingredients by the mids. In the 20th century, chewing gum made William Wrigley Jr.

Don't slurp your tea, chew it

Wrigley started out as a soap salesman in his native Philadelphia. After moving to Chicago in , he began offering store owners incentives to stock his products, such as free cans of baking powder with every order. When the baking powder proved a bigger hit than the soap, Wrigley sold that instead, and added in free packs of chewing gum as a promotion. In , the Wrigley Company kicked off a campaign in which it sent free samples of its gum to millions of Americans listed in phone books. Another promotion entailed sending sticks of gum to U.

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Competition also played a role in the development of bubble gum. Frank Fleer, whose company had made chewing gum since around , wanted something different from his rivals and spent years working on a product that could be blown into bubbles.

In , he concocted a bubble gum he called Blibber-Blubber, but it proved to be too sticky. In , a Fleer employee named Walter Diemer finally devised a successful formula for the first commercial bubble gum, dubbed Dubble Bubble.

Even though gum base is indigestible, it passes through the digestive system harmlessly and is eliminated from the body just like other foods. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!