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But many of them, especially the wounded men with missing limbs or prominent burns, explained that people stared too much. Gyms made them uncomfortable. When he approached FITCO, the company that provides exercise machines for facilities all over the country, and asked for any used equipment, they said no. She watched him use the same willpower that had carried him through SEAL training and all those impossible missions, but now he was trying to become a better man.

Still, when he learned that his son liked to fish, he dedicated himself to becoming a great fisherman, so they could bond the way he did with his own dad. Kyle took the family to football games at Cowboys Stadium. He took them to church. Unless he was hanging out of a helicopter with a gun doing overwatch, he hated heights. But when his kids wanted to go, he took them to Six Flags to ride the roller coasters and to the State Fair for the Ferris wheel.

His black truck became a familiar sight driving around Midlothian. He started collecting replicas of Old West guns, like the ones the cowboys used in movies when he was a boy. Taya would find him practicing his quick draw and gun twirling skills.

American Sniper Chris Kyle Was Full Of Lies, Just Like The Movie

Sometimes they would sit on the couch, watching TV, and he would twirl an unloaded six-shooter around his finger. A few years ago, Bass was feeling overweight and out of shape. Bass found that he really liked hanging out with the future and active SEALs. Bass was building a new house at the time, and he offered to fly in Kyle and pay him for some security consulting. Bass invited Kyle to live at his house with him while Taya finished selling their place in San Diego. And the wealthy men were enthralled by Chris Kyle.

The Legend of Chris Kyle

They loved being around the legend. They loved hearing his stories and invited him to go hunting on their ranches. Bass would hold an economic summit every year at his ranch in East Texas. He would kick off the festivities by introducing his sniper friends. Bass and some business associates also helped start Craft International. They put the Craft offices on the same floor as Hayman, so the finance folks and the defense contractors often crossed paths. He could help train troops a lot of military training is done by third-party contractors , and police officers, and wealthy businessmen who would pay top dollar for hands-on instruction from an elite warrior like Chris Kyle.

He could take people out to Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, a luxury resort with an extended shooting range.

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Kyle insisted that he never had any intention of writing of a book. He was told there were already other writers working on it, and he figured if it was going to happen anyway, he might as well participate. He wanted to give credit where he felt it was due. He and Taya were flown to New York in the middle of winter, to meet writer Jim DeFelice and begin pouring out their story.

The interviews were exhausting.

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When we first started working together, telling me what happened in the war put an enormous strain on him. Kyle came running in and grabbed a beer. He gave two-thirds to the families of fallen teammates and the rest to a charity that helped wounded veterans.

It was something he and Taya discussed a lot. When the book came out, everyone wanted to interview him. He was on late-night talk shows, cable news, and radio. He did a number of reality TV shows related to shooting. He rarely took much money from the appearances.


He always went on with a ball cap on his head and a wad of tobacco in his mouth. He had 1, people at his first public book signing. It was similar in every town. He preferred to stand for the length of the book signings. He would wait until he signed every book he was asked to, even if it took hours. It often did, because he wanted to take a moment to talk with each person.

He tried to personalize each book. As he became more famous, more people wanted to spend time with him. More politicians wanted to go shooting with him. At one point, he was at a range with Governor Rick Perry.

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Perry was about to shoot the sniper rifle and asked Kyle if he had an extra pad to put on the cement before he lay down. Kyle replied with a mock-serious tone. A good friend once introduced him to the movie star Natalie Portman. He asked her what she did for a living. And, as the story goes, she liked him even more after that. Then there is this story: Kyle had been invited to a luxury suite at a UT football game and decided to take a heartbroken buddy of his, a Dallas police officer who had recently caught his girlfriend making out with another guy.

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They were in the suite for a few hours, talking, drinking, when a former UT football star happened to walk in. He had a party trick he liked to perform, a sleeper hold that would render a man unconscious in seconds. As women were shrieking and wondering if the former UT great was dead, Kyle kept the hold for just a little longer than normal, causing the man to lose control of his bowels as he passed out.

People wrote to him from all over the world, asking for favors or for his time, especially after he started appearing on TV. He did his best to accommodate every request he could, even when Taya was worried he was spreading himself too thin. She reached out to Kyle because she knew his history of caring for veterans.

Kyle told people he and his friend, Chad Littlefield, were going to take the kid out to blow off some steam. Littlefield was a quiet buddy Kyle had come to count on over the last few years. They worked out and went hunting together. He had come over a few nights earlier to have Kyle adjust the scope of his rifle.

Kyle invited Littlefield to come with him to Rough Creek. Littlefield had accompanied Kyle on similar trips dozens of times. He was a stringy, scraggly year-old. His family worried that he was suicidal.

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They hoped time with a war hero, a legend like Chris Kyle, might help. It was a little after lunch on Saturday, February 2, when they picked up Routh and headed west on Highway They got to Rough Creek Lodge around pm. They turned up a snaking, 3-mile road toward the lodge and let a Rough Creek employee know they were heading to the range, another mile and a half down a rocky, unpaved road.