Behind the Dumpster

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Terrified Puppy Living Behind Dumpster Is Looking For A Home For The Holidays

When she saw the dead man, Oquendo described him as "purple," with rigor mortis having set in, his hands curled. There was dirt smeared on the man's hands and stomach, she said.

The man had dark hair, with a fade haircut, Dickson said. Both Dickson and Oquendo said they did not recognize the man.

Man Chokes Woman Behind Dumpster at Walgreens in Vero Beach

Turner returned to his home state of Ohio and was forced to register as a sex offender. Case closed?

Apparently not. The assumption that the crime had been committed behind a dumpster supposedly prejudiced the jury, making them feel as if Turner had purposely wanted to conceal his behavior.

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This led to the assumption that he had committed a crime rather than simply an act that some would consider morally inappropriate. Mistress Death.

The Gap Behind the Dumpster

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